The ladies have to be very good housewives, to be the Gruhalakshmi, the Goddess of the household. In India, the housewife is a very powerful institution, and regarded as the highest. It does not mean that you have to keep the house very clean. It means that you have to be very open-hearted, loving and devoted personalities. The Gruhalakshmi is the power of tremendous love, compassion and forgiveness. The ladies have to be very dharmic and chaste, innocent by nature, and not cunning or crafty (1986-0921.2); In India, every housewife must wear her ornaments… you see… it’s auspicious… she cannot go about without ornaments (1979-0609.3)

In India, the wife gets up long before the husband, and does all the preparation of the food etc., and then sits down with him and fans him as he eats… so giving him a rhythm for the whole day… and so he does not get hectic. She does not discuss horrible things in the morning, but creates a feeling of peace in the household. She does so by absorbing. She is a very mature person, and sees the futility of unnecessarily arguing. She is so powerful that she does not take, but just gives. Where the women are respectable, and respected, there reside the Deities (1986-0921.2)


One of nine Lakshmis… is the Gruhalakshmi, is the housewife (1996-0716)… the Goddess of the household – the wife. In our subtle system, is on the left Nabhi (1981-0926); The wife is the shakti of the family, and is the strongest point, and bears all the angularities of the husband. She is equal to but not similar to the husband, both being important to a balanced family life. A good balanced family is basic to a good society (1981-03280); A woman’s job is to be the Gruhalakshmi, to be auspicious, kind, soft-natured, and to produce a warm house… to care for the Nabhi of everyone… of the family… to give vibrations to the food (1983-0131); The Gruhalakshmi is the most powerful shakti – she is the power of tremendous love, compassion and forgiveness (1986-0921.2)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003