Hugging & Kissing

This hugging and this kissing business is just a vulgar thing… there’s no need. Of course you can hug when you meet for the first time, but morning til evening if you hug… it’s a headache. There’s no need to hug someone all the time. After all if you meet somebody for the first time, you do feel that exuberance of your own expression of love… then you can hug somebody… (1988-1221); Alright when you meet, alright men can hug men, women can hug women… but all the time, hugging onto one woman, or hugging onto one man is absurd for Sahaja Yogis… maybe your wife, maybe your husband… doesn’t look nice… it’s not a very dignified picture (1984-0118)

A lady came and just put both her hands around my neck and she just hugged me… and everybody was angry with her… because that is not to be done – while others who have greater respect… they have greater love for me… but they won’t do that kind of a thing (1984-0118)

For Hamsa chakra it’s important not to kiss people… I think kissing must be given up, because in kissing, you do allow the germs of another person… in Sahaja Yoga it’s alright… but that doesn’t mean you go crazy with the kissing; The more you start expressing your love by all these gestures… the less it is, inside. So to do it superficially… anything… too much… has to be avoided in your discretion… but avoiding extremes… avoiding too much outward expression, again can create another indiscretion (1988-0710)

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– end – 7 May 2003