The ‘Hum’ sound… the survival instinct, makes us feel or think “I am”. ‘Hum’ sends the message: ‘don’t be afraid’… ‘I am’… ‘Hum’ drives out fear, and invokes the help of the Divine, and is used to correct Superego problems of fear, feeling subordinated, worries, conditionings. ‘Hum’ is a mantra (1978-1218); When it is conditioning, you are in doubts, with this kind of fear… ‘I shouldn’t do like this’… ‘I shouldn’t do like that’… ‘this is not allowed’… ‘that is not allowed’… that is the conditioning part of it, and can be of many types (1998-0510); When you are infested with negativity, with depression, with the attacks of the superego, then you have to say ‘I am’…’ I am going to fight you’ (1981-1006)

Means ‘I am’… not the ego part, but the ‘hum’… to understand that I am a Yogi… and I know so many things, which normally people do not know… the discretion of the right side is ‘hum’… and the discretion of the left side is ‘tsa’ which means ‘you are’… it comes from the left side – and for every human being, the ‘you’ is the Divine (1988-0710); The right side indiscretion comes from the ego manifestation of people… this ego is hum… this ego when it is used properly, then it’s discretion (1988-0710)

For example, the ladies don’t have courage to wear the saris outside… why… sometimes, doesn’t matter – as Indians can wear your dresses, you can wear saris also… or, the men won’t wear Indian dress outside… a little ‘hum’ is needed (1988-0710)

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– end – 31 Mar 2003