Human Nature


Human Nature

Humans are set aside from animals by reason of their possessing, among other things, qualities and attributes such as ego, appreciation of cleanliness, beauty, feelings of guilt (1982-0710), ability to think of God or of abstract things (1979-0616)… and have 10 valencies, where animals have only 9 (1984-0622); In Yoga, there are at least 11 – the 11th integrates you with the religion. We get identified with righteousness, compassion, perseverance and detachment, and start to enjoy the doing for doing’s sake, the loving for loving’s sake, start to enjoy our loving capacity, our forgiveness, generosity – we enjoy all these great qualities (1987-1016); You must know that neither you are British, nor Indians, nor anything… you are just human beings (1980-0517.1)

The strife and strain which is on human beings is perhaps because they are not yet worthy of God’s Blessings… still, as God has created them, He tries to do His utmost to see that human beings are kept comfortably alright on this Mother Earth (1987-1213)

We are all made the same way, but with variety – e.g. we all cry, laugh, chew the same way (1983-0202); Others are human beings, you are not… you are not human beings any more… you are Sahaja Yogis – it’s a different race. All over the world this race has to come (1980-1116)

To be materialistic is your nature… because you have started with it… but it is also human nature to ascend… and which way you go is the thing… the ladder can take you up… or it can bring you down – if you are to go up, then your eyes should be upwards (1980-0927)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003