The basic seeking power is humility… if you think you know everything, you cannot humble down… and you cannot seek. Even if you seek, you don’t want to follow anybody else’s path… you’ll have your ‘own’ path… you’ll do whatever ‘you’ want to do (2000-0507); One thing is very important is the humility… you should be a humble person… not think that you are something special… or some sort of a self important person… once you think you are important, then you are not part and parcel of the whole… how can one part be so important… if you start thinking like that, anywhere in your journey of Sahaja Yoga, then I must say you are not in the Sahaja Vasta, the Sahaja State (2000-0507)

Humility is one of the criteria of a Sahaja Yogi… a person who doesn’t have humility cannot be called a Sahaja Yogi… so this humility will give you a more permanent state by which you will not react… you just watch… and that’s how the new state, a witness state comes into you. When you become the witness… you are in the present… and you just watch and enjoy… the enjoyment of all the creation is not within your mind when you are thinking… so one has to learn that we should not react. But today’s problem is that all human beings are very good at reacting… reaction is a basic principle of today’s life. You are all Sahaja Yogis… and what you have to do is to understand why this ego is coming in my head… what have I done… who am I… once you go on asking such questions, this ego will disappear. In Sahaj culture we have a proper training for getting rid of ego… you can yourself introspect… see why you behave like this… try to see… what is this Mr Ego doing within your head. Of course the mantra of Christ is the best… but when you are doing this mantra, you should be in a very humble state… what am I after all… who am I… look at so many stars… look at so many beautiful things… who am I… what have I done… why should I be so egoistical (2000-1225)

Those who are humble… who are kind… will attract more Sahaja Yogis… so it is important to change your temperament. If you try to show off, nobody is going to be impressed by you… if you think you are something very great, nobody is going to look at you. Be very humble, kind, generous… also very joyous. If you are really doing Sahaja Yoga, no sickness can come… no trouble can come… it is a fact… try to understand (2000-1231)

Those who are humble can only become friendly with each other, can share their problems with each other. So humility can only help you to articulate, to have rapport with your friends. But humility should not be sympathetic – it is a detached quality, that does not get attached to any person (1985-0901)

Only a person who is not guilty will be really humble, because guilty people are aggressive… are sarcastic…; A humble person is a free person, free to be humble, to be kindly, to be gentle, to be compassionate – that sort of Sahaja Yogis you have to be. When people meet you, they will be impressed; Humility doesn’t have any subservience, and is very different to compassion. Humility is a very human quality, is a special quality only the bhaktas have. It is such a beautiful quality of taking the showers of Bliss, and a person who cannot take, is so lonely. Such a person cannot get companionship with anyone (1985-0901)

Humility is never expressed in the Western life… on the contrary, they despise the people who are humble (1987-1225); Those who are humble will get to the Kingdom of Heaven, not the arrogant… the humble have a right to be joyous… this is ‘surrendering’ (1987-1024); If we say ‘Not I… but the Divine that is doing it…’, or ‘I am not doing anything…’, then the ego does not come up, and we become humble (1996-0505)

We have certain powers… and these powers increase, when we humble down – they do not increase with arrogance… with arrogance one can only become stupid… that’s the only end of arrogance. So with humility, one should know that now you belong to Sahaja Culture, and Sahaja Culture is that of humility… if you are not humble, then you have not yet achieved your Sahaja Yoga (1988-0921)

Moreover, the person who has Lakshmi, has to be a very humble man. The temperament should not be of a very serious type… but should be very mirthful… and he doesn’t show off… by a big car… and this and that (1996-0716)

Now when you are facing the photograph, just to check up yourself, humble down yourself first of all, like a person who wants to perfect himself… and try to find out what is wrong with you. Humble down means to bring down your attention to your heart… don’t think (1980-0907)

Humility is such a guard for you… of course sometimes people will take advantage of humble people… it doesn’t matter… as long as you haven’t lost your humility everything is alright. But people lose their humility, when others try to trouble them – and that’s one thing one should not lose – if you have to keep connection with the Divine, you have to be humble… there’s no other way. If you have to get something out of the Divine, you have to be humble people… through arrogance you will not get it… through aggression you will not get it. Some people also feel that… ‘I love Mother’… but that love is to be expressed through complete humility… that’s the only way… that’s the only channel through which you can approach me… there’s no way out (1985-0901)

There is only one category which should not have humility… that is the Incarnations. I cannot have humility, I cannot humble down myself – I am not supposed to do it. No Incarnation was humble… they cannot… because they have no guilt. I act as a very humble person, but to be frank I have no humility of any kind within me (1985-0901); An Incarnation comes down, in complete humility, not to be humiliated, but to make you understand that an Incarnation has come all the way, for your emancipation and for your spiritual growth… then you should, with great surrendering, and with great humility… should accept it (1979-0000.2)

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– end – 28 Jul 2003