Personal cleanliness is very important. After going to the toilet, you should use water all the time… it’s very important… the western style is very dirty… is a very dirty style of living not to use the water… it’s very unhygienic also. That’s why you find in the West, most of the people are sick… they do not wash their hands properly; You have to remember to wash your hands after coming out of the toilet, before food (1988-1221)

This ‘paper’ business is the dirtiest… you are so much used to that smell, that you don’t feel it… the smell is too much in the hands and the sensitivity is lost. There is no need to put scent or anything, but with the soap… here in India we use the clay, because the clay here is very good… just use the clay nicely and clean your hands, it’s very important. This is something you (in the West – Ed) are very negligent about – you have to be very careful. We (the Indians – Ed) cannot live without it… even if we go to some place, and there is nothing available, and we have to use the paper sometimes, even in England, then we come home immediately and have a bath (1988-1221)

You must always use water, as much as possible… for washing, when you go for your morning ablutions… water must be used… paper is a very dirty and unhygienic habit… but even if you use paper, you must use water after it… it’s very important that all the time, the water should be used as much as possible… for Sahaja Yogis it is a very very important thing (1986-0504)

Also, from our childhood we are taught, that we must wash our hands at least 10 times a day; And we do not eat too much raw food also… that’s another good thing… and then there is no question of things falling into it (1988-1221); So use water as much as you can… wash your hands 10 times… is very essential… to get your vibrations alright you must wash your hands (1980-0927)

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