I ness



It is not important to say ‘I like this… I like that’… no! – that ‘I’ which likes, is nothing but ego… and keeps you out of the enjoyment, which is Reality… which is the ‘real’ (2000-0507); ‘I don’t like it’ – who are you… I have seen people with very poor knowledge, who are just knowing little bit here and there… and very critical of others… I don’t know the reason why it is so… but maybe they think no end of themselves (2000-0507)

We should now say ‘We’ – all the Sahaja Yogis together, or ‘this Johnny’ using of course our own name. In this way we speak in the 3rd person, where we become the witness… not involved… but detached (1982-1101); This ‘I’ word must go away… that is what meditation is – where you are no more ‘I’ (1976-0330)

With superego, all the time there is fear… danger… crying… and weeping sort of people… while on the other side are people who act… have ego – ego on the one side and superego on the other – and when they close down… we become like the shell of an egg… we are closed… we have an ‘I-ness’… we become Mr ‘So-and-So’ (1982-1008)… when ego and superego close over the Fontanelle bone area… and the individual becomes isolated (1981-0928)

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– end – 27 Mar 2003