Those who have got flowing colds must know that they are liver patients… they should put some ice on their livers. Also they should put their left hand on their liver, and their right hand toward the photograph, and in the water, salt… it’s right side… those who are sneezing, or feeling hay fever, or flowing of cold… just try to treat your liver and you’ll be alright (1987-1224)

A right sided person has all the elements which give heat… you can say the light and the fire… so to correct it, light is not going to help very much. What is going to work out is the Mother Earth and the water element which is cooling… even ice is very helpful to people who are right sided. So all cooling effects should be used for correcting your right sidedness. The same with food… those who are right sided should take to foods which are left sided i.e. carbohydrates, and should become partly vegetarian, and should eat things at the most like chickens, but not fishes or sea food, because they are all hot (1983-0121)

Now if we have ego, what we should do is raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to use your hands; Then everyone must soak their feet daily, and must do daily meditation. For correcting your right side, use the Mother Earth or water or even ice or also carbohydrate or vegetarian types of foods. For left side, use light or fire or nitrogenous foods i.e. proteins (1983-0121)

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– end – 30 Sep 2002