Ida Nadi


Ida Nadi

The left or moon channel (tha in Hatha yoga); Left sympathetic nervous system, having the power of desire, operating through our emotions. Beyond is the Subconscious, and then the Collective Subconscious (1981-1005); On which are found Shri Bhairava and Chandrama (1989-0806); Also called as Chandra Nadi (1980-0809); The channel for our existence… and the activity of our emotional life… the left side… and which also gives you your subconscious area… where whatever you are listening to me now, goes into that (1979-0200.1)

On the left hand side of this mechanism, there are 7 stratas… on the right hand side, there are 7 stratas… down below there are

7 stratas… and on top, there are 7 stratas. The left hand side channel, called the Ida channel, represents the Subconscious mind within you… you listen to me through your conscious mind… and put it back into the Subconscious mind… all your experiences go into the Subconscious… that is the limit of ‘your’ subconscious of present… beyond that is your subconscious of previous lives… and beyond that is the Collective Subconscious (1977-1121)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1979-0200.1 Talk to westerners & about negativity – see 1979-0200 poor 65 1977-1121 Tantrism, Caxton Hall poor 75

1980-0809 What are we inside – B’ham good 30 1981-1005 Beauty that you are – Houston good 70

1989-0806 Shri Bhairavnath Puja – Garlate, Italy good 25

– end – 30 Apr 2003