The ideal is Christ; It is for you people to bring back the glory of Christ, to bring back the dharma of Christ, to reflect the great image of Christ. Who could be a better ideal than Jesus Christ. Whatever he had to do, he did with such grace and beauty (1987-1225)

It is very easy to condemn an ideal life, but to attain that life is very difficult, and some people because they cannot attain it, try to condemn it… so that they feel they are no way less than those great lives (1987-1213)

All these ideals are created everywhere in the world by the Divine Power, and people look at them and think that these great lives are beautiful… though they have suffered a lot. These ideals are very important for human society, otherwise they will have no absolute measure to find out what is right and what is wrong (1987-1213)

Tape References

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