A person’s… attention may have been fixed by conventional ideas. Some of them are correct… some are incorrect… some are absolutely false… some are useless… some are only because they wanted to make money… so they published some trash. Now, as soon as you get Realisation… you go back to your own… gross awareness… and start tallying this ‘subtle’ with the gross – and you again start losing the vibrations. You are not to fix your attention… but you have to make your attention subtler and subtler (1977-0126.2)

Brilliant ideas may come, if one’s attention is constantly involved with experiences of Sahaja Yoga – which can be encouraged by the practice of keeping two diaries, one for everyday experiences, and the other for special things that happen or occur (1980-0517.2)

An ego oriented person has another very big problem… that he asserts his ideas above everything else. So always such a man… because he’s stupid and idiotic… the idiotic ideas survive… and because of these idiotic ideas, every planning that is done by such people is a failure. A stupid man is a very big problem to the whole society, though he never realises it… he thinks ‘I have managed the show’… I am the most successful person (1983-0209)

A new idea has come, that you should not eat any salt and sugar… just imagine… salt is so important for our breathing, and sugar is so important for our combustion (1987-1213)

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– end – 27 Apr 2003