We have to drop out our identifications with the past (1983-0723.1); The whole purpose is lost when you start identifying with whatever was hanging on to you. So now you should say… ‘now finished… done… now I’m another person… ‘that person’ who was there is dead, and finished, and gone… I’m a different person’ – this is the place where you must have faith (1980-0518)

If we put our attention on a person with love, we get an understanding of that person. We should identify with a person who has done something, instead of finding faults or problems… see what is good in others (1996-0505)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1980-0518 Old Arlesford, Winchester, pt 3 (The Real Becoming) good 30 1983-0723.1 Rutumbhara Pragnya, part 1, Lodge Hill Seminar good 25 1996-0505 We must feel responsible, Sahastrara, Cabella good 55

– end – 27 Jun 2003