We face so many problems, all kinds of problems, in all sorts of surroundings, and in this way we are able to develop immunity to these horribly negative people that are all around. If we were excluded from all this, we would not develop the immunity which we should have (1979-1009.1); I will give you such tests and things, by which you will come in contact with them… see them… and get out of it – without any harm being done to you. It is necessary… you have to touch them, you have to go near them… I know you can. I give such tests only to people about whom I am sure that they will come out (1980-1116)

London… has it’s own problems like other places have their own, but are different. Bombay is like the roots, whereas Delhi is like the branches. London is like the fruits or the flowers, but is very vulnerable, because of it’s position… and because so many problems, all kinds of problems are facing us… of developing immunity to all sorts of surroundings. If we were excluded from all this, we would not develop the immunity which we should have, because there are some horribly negative people here. So it is best to develop a group as a whole, and to develop good bonds amongst the group, and to go on enlarging that group as a whole – this is the best way to be protected – it is working out (1979-1009.1); If suddenly a negative force comes in to trouble you… so what… otherwise how will you know what you are. If there is no darkness, how will you know you are the light (1996-1020)

When we are doing work of some kind, and others do not appreciate it, or do not join in, or they maybe spoil it, then the normal thing is to react by going back into Tamoguna. We should regard work as a training for developing our immunity, and do it with detachment, and with enjoyment, and by so doing get into the Satwoguna in the centre (1980-0517.2)

We should not hold on to our children in the presence of others, but should let them be with others; In India, parents give their children to sleep with their relatives, not with themselves. The psychology is that the child gets used to another man, or another woman… while they are innocent. So the relationship of innocence is developed, and nobody feels anything funny if somebody touches you, later on; Let the children be with other people… don’t have fears… they will love you much more; Overprotected children are very dangerously placed, because they have no immunity for anything (1985-0421)

The cold is a disease (also hay fever)… of London and England, due to less resistance… no immunity, because of lack of calcium within us. If proper care is taken in childhood, with adequate vitamins A and D, with massaging with cod liver oil or olive oil, and with proper sunning, then we would get colds less. It is a Vishuddhi problem (1980-0517.2)

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– end – 30 Sep 2002