You will be amazed… that in the western countries, the percentage of impotent people is so high… unbelievably it is like that… they talk so much about sex… and do ‘other’ things… it’s all talking… so much of impotency is settled in these western countries… and the diseases, the dirty diseases… which are caused by these indiscriminate sex activities are so much… that they have to be guarded against (1979-1202.3); What is sex… any Tom, Dick or Harry can do sex… are you now sex points… if you do it in a wrong way… you will have diseases… you will have impotency… no children will be born to you if you misuse it (1979-0200.1); Men… are the extroverts, whilst the women are the introverts. Men can become homosexual or impotent… with aggressive women, who try always to compete with the men (1985-0528); In America, women speak too much, whilst the husbands keep quiet. Women should not speak; When they try to compete with the men, they make the men ‘homosexual’. Aggressive women do not behave like women… and make the men impotent (1985-0528)

All these people who came on this Earth… said that you lead a clean life and a sensible married life… it is not permitted to have adulterous life in any religion whatsoever… because adulterous life brings forth all kinds of problems for the sex… for spoiling the last chakra – people can become impotent… or, over exited… or could become suffering from all the troubles of this centre… for which you know the diseases… so one has to lead a very clean wonderful married life. Marriage is supported and sanctioned by the collective… it is sanctioned by God Almighty… so, that kind of a life, that kind of a sexual life, is a sensible one… one should not get a shock out of it. When I say this in the west, people really don’t like it… but I am your Mother… I have to tell you the truth. Whatever you have done is done… finished… doesn’t matter… but now you should come to your sanity… because there are all these horrible satanic diseases waiting just to work it out (1982-1008)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003