India has something magical about it, that it transforms people – come to India if you can. Those who can come monetarily, should not find excuses not to come, like ‘oh I am not ready’… come with full force, not half heartedly. Do not play into the tricks of your mind (1987-1016); If you are going to India, it is best to enter by the villages (1979-0416)

Indian women, the way they are humble, are chaste – one has to learn. Of course there are many who are not also (1985-0901); Women are very powerful in India… and women don’t think much in India… they are on ‘intuition’ more (1979-0608.2); In India, women and men all respect their chastity very much (1985-0901), but there is a problem that the women are not much respected (1998-0321); India may be poor in terms of money, but is not so poor in Spirituality (1998-0320), yet the people in India are not seeking as you people are seeking. This is their big problem, because they think that they know everything about God and they don’t have to bother, while you (foreigners – Ed) are really seekers of truth… no doubt about it (1988-1203); In India, there are many Chief Justices who are Sahaja Yogis (1979-0416)

Don’t get impressed by the ‘intellectuals’ of India… they’re neither intellectuals… nor are they Sahaja Yogis… be careful (1984-0214); In the north, the Indians are more interested in politics, though it is much reduced now, and they do not like to hear anything against anyone – and that is a good thing. In the South, including Maharashtra, they are more ritualistic. Because of these two things, growth in Sahaja Yoga may be slow (1998-0320); In India, in the North, U.P., Bengal, there is more violence, and there the men’s eyes are always wobbling, whereas in the South, it is more peaceful (1984-0906); In Benares, all sorts of horrible people live there (1979-0416); Because of the English involvement in the formulating of the laws in India, there are no laws prohibiting Black Magic there. It is because of this that it is not possible to catch the false gurus there (1979-0416)

In India, birthdays are according to the days of the moon (1984-0906); Indians are too much hospitable (1985-0000.2), and they have this fondness to feed you… they are very anxious to feed you. But don’t fall a trap to that… you should say no no no… they themselves don’t eat so much (1988-1221); People in India are very conditioned people, because they are traditionally made (1988-0106); When a man’s first wife dies, then he may keep a hair or something… that’s an Indian nonsense… yes it’s wrong… never to keep anything… they know that (1979-1111)

The first and greatest curse on Indians is this thing of ‘relationships’, supporting some relative who is no good for Sahaja Yoga… and the second is the caste system, which is the greatest cancer you could think of for such a Divine country like this (1988-0106); India is a country of great punyas, and that is why there are powers which will look after the protection of this country, and this country will gradually rise (1982-0130); India is the microscopic form of the whole Mother Earth (1984-0902), and in Maharashtra is the Kundalini of the Universe (1983-0127)

In India, the climate is very congenial for meditation… the climate is so good, that you can live in the jungles… with no problems. From the very beginning, we have had Seers who were seeking the truth… in the jungles. Then this group scattered, and in different places formed universities, called as Ghotras, and into these were sent children from the age of five years, where they were kept like brothers and sisters (1989-0617.1)

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– end – 28 May 2003