The first quality of creation, and one of the qualities of Shri Ganesha (1981-1005), and cannot be destroyed, and which gives us real strength (1989-0801); Is the source of Joy; Is expressed as our ‘Morality’ (1996-0915), as chastity. The practice of innocence is chastity, which gives us the Mariadas, and which is the foundation of all dharmas (1985-0901); Innocence remains intact up to the stage of animals, who don’t know they are committing any sin, or breaking any laws… a tiger who eats a cow, or an elephant who tramples a human being still remains innocent (1986-0907); God looks after all those who are innocent (1995-1224)

One of the powers that Ganesha has… is he generates innocence within us – we respect our innocence… our chastity… and a lifestyle which is decent and decorous. This is the reason why in Sahaja Yoga we have to be particular about how we dress up… that our dress should be decent, dignified, and… should in no way show our vulgarity – we should look after our chastity… and our morality… which is meant for both women and men… not only in dress, but even in day to day life, it is important (1993-0721)

If you are not innocent, you cannot have respect… so innocence has to be developed, to have that respect. In innocence, you don’t think that you are the wisest of all, and make everybody look a fool… nor do you laugh at others, and make fun of them… nor do you ‘play games’, and put people down. But what I’ve seen… even coming to Sahaja Yoga… this is the worst part of it… I have seen people who play games, after coming to Sahaja Yoga… they gossip… and say all kinds of wrong things… which I have never said before… so many kinds of things I hear… that I am amazed how Sahaja Yogis are such creators of gossips. Ego is anti-innocence… and that’s why this kind of a nonsensical gossip people do… which I can’t understand… so filthy (1984-0902)

There are all kinds of things that you have got from your past… and you must try to get out of it… otherwise you cannot rise high. A person who is not innocent, cannot worship Shri Ganesha… those who are not innocent, play ‘games’, try tricks, gossip, indulge in filth… he cuts them out. Innocence is a very sharp thing… it does not have any compromise… which you can see in the life of Christ. With his trunk, Ganesha throws people out… he sees for a while, and if people remain still half baked, they are thrown out of Sahaja Yoga. Innocence gives you complete sincerity, and Ganesha is the judge… and he is the one who throws you out on the periphery… like a tangent you get out of Sahaja Yoga… and then you go down and down and down… and you may develop horrible diseases of the Mooladhara chakra (1984-0902)

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– end – 30 Sep 2002