God wants to use us as His instruments, for the flow of His pure universal love (1979-0416) – that Mother is doing everything is correct in a way… but, you are the instruments. So the source may be there, but the instrument is the one which delivers the goods, and like Hanumana, you are the instruments, and you have to work… you have to do the job; If you think that… “I” am doing this, then… finished. But if you know that it is done by the Divine, that the Paramchaitanya is doing everything, and that “I” am just an instrument, then the humility will be there and you’ll be an effective instrument (1989-0423)

What is the role of England in the whole Cosmos? We are specially born in this place for a particular type of special work we have to do, as an instrument of the Divine… not doing yourself something, but as an instrument. Like a painter has a brush and is nicely painting – it’s the painter that’s painting. But if the brush starts thinking “I” am the one who is painting, it’s stupidity; When the drop becomes the Ocean, then it doesn’t think it is a drop… it thinks it is a part of the Ocean. In the same way, once you grow up, you become very collective (1998-0706)

You do not think that you are ordinary, otherwise I would never have chosen you… but you have no recognition of yourself also… as you have no recognition of me… you have to recognise yourselves and respect yourselves. Do not respect material things – respect yourself first of all… and the matter within you (1980-0927)

In the third state of becoming, we see these things, these catches, but they do not affect us… then we do not call it catching… we say we are recording… like we are an instrument, and we are just recording (1980-0518)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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– end – 28 Jun 2003