If we do not have an intense desire to ascend, then we cannot ascend. In morning meditation, we must say what is our desire, what is our goal, whilst taking the name of Shri Ganesha – all activity must be surrendered for this goal. This desire… however… may be curbed… through the cocoon of ‘my-ness’ that develops after Realisation, when as a result, we can become half hearted in our ascent (1989-0619); If you see, the rate at which we are moving is not proper… we have to be much faster… we have to go much ahead, and we have to create much more Sahaja Yogis through our consistent very intensive effort…but it is a side issue… a ‘by the way’… Sahaja Yoga is ‘by the way’… and this is why we are failing in our responsibilities (1997-0525)

To deal with Reality… it must be done with intensity… even love must be intense… otherwise you are just befooling yourself… playing games… it leads you nowhere (1979-1202.3); You should have only one intense desire within yourself… have I become the Spirit, have I achieved my ultimate, have I risen above the worldly desires. Purify yourself… the desire that you have… leave it… then, once you are purified, that area will be covered through your attention… it’s very interesting. When you get over it, then only, you can throw light. Rise above that desire. Every time you get a desire, you rise above it… so your light is emitted on that wider problem that you are facing, that you think should be solved by your Mother (1982-1219)

We have come here at a very important time. Historically this is a very important time, and when we are with our Mother is the most important time, of that important time – we should take full advantage of that… in the real sense of the word. Those who are wise take the best advantage, which is the growth within; Before you stands someone who has control over all the centres, over all the powers, who is All Powerful. How much advantage you have taken of that is the important thing; In Mother’s Presence, in India, people become more protocolish, whilst in England people start taking advantage, making fun, joking – you cannot. You cannot be frivolous, or shallow with somebody so intense (1983-0723.3)

The concentrated type… of attention… is the one which is intense, deep, penetrative – because they have a living mind, not the dead parched mind – they penetrate (1983-0723.3); This penetration of attention has to be seen… for example… if you look at some tree, then just watch it with love… see what the tree is talking to you… what is she saying… or, if you are looking at a mountain, then just talk to the mountain, and see what the mountain is saying to you – put your attention in… completely on one thing… and see for yourself… that will help you a lot (2000-0507); When you put on a bandhan, how long it will last… depends on your intensity… after some time you don’t need any bandhan (.0011)

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– end – 30 Sep 2002