An extremely moral religion, that opposes the permissive and self indulgent culture of the West, but which is causing problems in so doing (1994-1105.2); The Muslims are against Christians more – also against the Jews – but the Christians they are against… because they think this Christian religion gives complete freedom to do what you like… their women go nude… they wear very scanty dresses… and the women are like prostitutes (1997-0823.2)

Islamic people believe that chastity is only for the women, and not for men… it’s very wrong… it is meant for both of them. If the men try to force the women to be chaste, and they themselves are not, then the women will ‘not’ be chaste… they may appear to be chaste… they may try to be, out of fear… but if they get a chance… they will… because they see the men… they think ‘what’s wrong’… if they can do it, why not we do it. So the whole society has to take to a very decent life, and very decorous, dignified lifestyle. Otherwise a kind of insecurity starts working among men and women… and a too much complicated life starts (1993-0721)

In the Koran, it is written that Islam means ‘surrender to the Divine’ (1987-0408; MME), surrender… your ego and your bad conditionings (1988-1217), and also that ‘unless you are connected to God, all that is written here has no meaning’, that it has no meaning before Self Realisation (1987-0408; MME)… Islam means… surrender (2000-0423)

Mohammed talked more about the Resurrection time than the Doomsday, but Muslims are using more the Doomsday… the same with Christians… just to frighten the people so they will stick on (0.0005); Today, Islam is spreading very fast (1984-0906)

This Koran was written 40 years after the death of Mohammed Saab. It is said that at the time of your Kiyama, [pron: Keeyama] means Resurrection Time… that your hands will speak… that you should feel the vibrations on your finger tips. I would say those who are really Muslims… who are surrendered… and those who have been selected to be higher people belonging to the God’s Realm… must have hands that can speak… otherwise they are not Muslims… so it’s compulsory that for every Muslim… if he thinks he is a Muslim… that he should feel the vibrations. His hands must speak… at the time of Resurrection, Kiyama… not the Kayama… these two words are confused in the minds of people… many people do not understand the difference. One is when the Resurrection Time comes in… Kiyama… and the other is when your destruction comes in… Kayama. So those people who can verify… about themselves… and about others… through the vibrations on their hands… or through their finger tips… are the Muslims according to the Koran… but nobody has told them this… they don’t know. To them is alright if you go to Mecca, and come back from there… you become a Hajji… finished (2000-0423)

There’s another question one should ask… which is very important… why Mohammed Saab who was so much against stone worshipping… why he asked people to go round that black square stone… what was the purpose… that’s also just a stone… so why. This stone was a Swayambhu…and it’s mentioned in the Indian Scriptures that there is Macceshwarshiva. We have Shivas everywhere in India… there are 12 Jyoti Lingas… you can verify on your vibrations… same with this black stone… and so the people have to go round to achieve Shiva’s Blessings… but it became a ritual… and nobody could go further than that ritual (2000-0423)

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– end – 1 Jun 2003