Jagadamba… first incarnated 14000 years back… and whose qualities include security… and who incarnates many times to kill and destroy the evil forces, the Rakshasas, or devilish people; Mother of the Universe residing in the centre heart; Part of Adi Shakti, the Desire Power of God (1994-1009; 1981-0829; 1981-1005);

The Centre Heart… the centre of security and confidence (MME)… the fourth Chakra, controlled by Jagadamba (1981-0829)… manifests in the gross as the cardiac plexus (1983-0302); The Mother of the Universe… who gives security, and controls the sternum and antibody production (1981-1005)… controls our immune system (MME)… where til the age of twelve years, we develop our antibodies… which later on in life go into the whole body… into the circulation and fight our diseases… and to fight our emotions (1979-0722)

The ‘Power’ of God, who does all the Divine Play, and which is witnessed by the Father aspect of God; In the Bible, it is a mystery, because the Mother of Christ was the Holy Ghost, and it was thought that if attention goes to Her, She will be killed – and then Christ who had 11 destroying powers would have destroyed the whole world. So that is why they never said anything about the Mother – who is Mahalakshmi, who is the Power of Ascent, who is the Protector, and who kills all the demons and devils both inside you and without, and is called as Jagadamba, the Mother of the Universe (1983-0302);

The seekers are trying to get out of the Ocean of Illusion, and the Mother is there to protect, guide, counsel and to bring them out of that illusion (1983-0302); To correct a centre heart problem, hold your breath, not with great force, but ordinarily, hold for a while then exhale – 3 times, and use the mantra for Jagadamba (1979-1118)

Jagadamba Prasanna… that is… the Mother is… very happy – so you must just find out what will make Mother happy. When you do something, just weigh it out… will she be happy if we do like this… if we talk like this and say like this… will she be happy – very simple… that’s a good judging point. Don’t do what ‘you’ want to do… and what ‘you’ like… that’s a wrong style… absolutely wrong… but you must do what I would like you to do… and that is what it should be… Mataji Prasanna. This is a sort of a certificate with me… that Mataji Prasanna… so… do everything with that permission (1977-0126.1)

Tape References

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– end – 10 Nov 2002