Then there are jealousies… if Mother says this is ‘not good’ you feel hurt… if Mother says this is ‘good’ you feel happy… that means you are still at a very subtler state of ego, where you think that whatever you say should be approved by me. That is something is very subtle we do not understand, that if Mother is not approving of it, there must be basic Divine reason… otherwise why should I not approve of it. We must know that it’s all the work of God, and we are just channels in the hands of God (1985-0310)

Jealousy… one of the biggest enemies or problems of today (1997-0600); You cannot… go about with many girls… because then there is jealousy… I don’t understand what is the freedom they enjoy like this… because then there is jealousy – you cannot go about with many boys, because there can be murders. You see… why people murder… their ego is hurt… nobody says ‘alright you go ahead, have a boyfriend… I am very happy’ – nobody likes it… it hurts… so they do it secretly… they cannot do it openly (1979-1202.3)

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– end – 30 Sep 2002