Or Jesu, from Je/Knowing and Su/Auspicious. Yeshoda (1981-1006); The name Jesus comes from Yeshoda, also written Jeshoda, who was the foster mother of Shri Krishna. The short form of Jeshoda or Jesoda is ‘Jesu’, which is used in Hebrew, whilst in India, it is Yesu. There is a confusion between the two sounds of ‘J’ and ‘Y’ (1981-0330)

The name Jesus comes, because Radha wanted to name him after Krishna’s foster mother, Yeshoda or Jeshoda, whom she loved very much – the short form of Jesoda is Yesu or Jesu, and in India, Christ is also called as Jesu… from there the name Jesus has come. The name Jesu is very important, and comes from Je, meaning in Sanskrit, to know, the knowledge, or the one who knows, and Su, meaning auspicious, or which brings auspiciousness, which brings blessings… so Jesu means the one who knows how to bring auspiciousness to this Earth (1981-1006)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1981-0330 Vishuddhi & Agnya, Sydney Poor 170

1981-1006 Krishna to Christ, Houston (A New Age has started) Not good 80

– end – 4 Jun 2003