Ahlada (1997-0823.1); Joy comes out of the love that we have for each other, and for God and for the Mother (1989-0725); It is a blessing of the Kingdom of God, that we get drenched in that Joy, which has no duality, like happiness and unhappiness. That Joy is sufficient – to be drenched in that Joy alone (1987-1024), the Joy of the witness state (1984-0708); Joy is single, is absolute – when you are in joy, you are at a state where there is no movement… you are just there. It is that dignified, majestic beauty within ourselves, which we have to nurture… when we don’t get upset… are not bothered by what others say (1980-0517.1); When you start giving this Divine Power to others, you start gradually deepening into your own being, and feeling your own source of Joy – life becomes full of Joy and happiness (1979-0507); Sharing of your things is an extremely joy giving thing… that is how all of us have to live… sharing things… we have to learn to share (1996-0716)

You see how the nature acts… how the nature helps… just look at the nature… how subservient it is… it enjoys that… the nature is so subservient… why… what is the need… because it gets the blessings… the beauty… of wholesomeness… of doing something for the whole. The quality of wholesomeness, when it is experienced within ourselves, then only that joy comes in (1985-0310)

Thankfulness is the way to Joy… there’s no other way – we get everything, but we never thank… judging type we are – today is the day of thanking; Thankfulness, if you do not have, you’ll never enjoy what you have… whatever you have got… whatever God has given you… out of His Grace… out of His compassion… out of His love. We do not know how to thank Him… you see this is the point… have we thanked Him… every moment of our life. When you thank Him, the waves of Joy will rise within you. The greatest thing He has given us, is Realisation… and the way of Sahaja. Look into your heart, and humble down… and thank… every moment – that is the key to start the Joy, out of every moment… every moment has an ocean of Joy in it… but to start it, you must thank… whatever you have got (1979-0000.2)

Joy cannot be expressed in words… it expresses in your eyes, in your faces, in the atmosphere, in nature. This is what we all have to achieve, and for that we have to know that we are not going to bow down to anything that puts our attention into shackles. Mother has freed us… let us spread our wings (1988-0106); When your attention goes to the Spirit, joy starts bubbling in your life. No mental activity can take you there – only by Kundalini awakening is it possible (1998-0320); Joy is so fulfilling… the joy of the Spirit is much more than the joy of any worldly comforts (1988-1207); Is possible only with innocence, the source of all Joy (1996-0915); We are all enlightened… we are all Nirmalites… in everything that you see, you feel the joy pouring in… you can’t understand how it is… you see something that you see every day, and there is joy (1985-0502)

The limbic area is a hollow space between the Agnya and the Fontanelle bone area, having within it cells sensitive to joy and happiness, and which gets soothed down by the Kundalini (1989-0801); Everything is to increase our enjoyment… even our ascent is to increase our enjoyment… our sensitivity to joy (1988-1211); So far you see, at human level, one feels only the pains or pressures on the nerves… but never the Ananda. But after Realisation only, your nerves start feeling the joy (1985-0502); Once you have reached the shores of joy… then you should not give it up for anything… because it is your choice… whether you want joy, or you want unhappiness (1986-0707.2)


It is good to be able to laugh at yourself… and then problems will start to drop out (1978-1005); Getting frustrated and unhappy with yourself is the worst thing… then there is going to be a problem. You have to laugh at yourself, laugh at your mechanism that is out of order (1976-0330); When you start seeing through the eyes of the Spirit, then you do not feel bad… you laugh at yourself, make fun of yourself… and then you enjoy yourself, joke with yourself… and the whole thing becomes a joke (1980-0907); Learn to laugh at yourself… that is the best way to enjoy yourself (1997-0823.1); In laughter… and in all playful things… lies the truth (1980-0721)

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