Who with Adi Shankaracharya, was one of the Incarnations of the Disciple Principle (1979-0530); Who lived in the 16th century (1983-0302); Who said “when the drop becomes the ocean, what can you say, you are lost, you are no more there, you are finished” (1987-0408); Who was a Satguru (1983-0209), a great Realised Soul, in India (1977-1024.1), and who was a married man (1977-1024.3); All the great Saints of India were married and had children… except for some people like Buddha, who died very early… he had to take a Sanyasa because of his work. Then we had Kabira, Nanaka… all of them were married people (1982-1008)

Who belonged to a Muslim family… but who… realising that Islam was not going to give him what he wanted… knowledge of his Self… waited at the banks of the River Ganges, in Benares… for a Realised Soul, called Swami Ramanand. There he caught hold of the Saint’s feet… and asked him for initiation… for Self Realisation. The other people… objected… and said ‘Sir, he is an orphan brought up in a Muslim family… he’ll not accept anything that looks like it is from Hindu Religion’… but Swami Ramanand immediately agreed… as he could see a great seeker there. Kabir became a great Saint… is accepted by Hindus and Muslims… because he had that power of wisdom… to go to a man, not belonging to his religion, who might not have accepted him… but he knew also through his wisdom, that this man is the one who will love him (1993-0721)

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end – 1 Jun 2003