Indians, Maharashtrians especially, take a Kaduk bath… means with very hot water… this is an absolutely wrong idea. Normally a cold bath is best… but if not possible, then take a tepid water. This will solve one of the problems that you do not expose yourself to too much cold or heat – the temperature is kept the same as the room temperature. People have died… of their lung cancer, because they can’t get out of ‘their’ bad habit of taking bath every morning. I call it bad habit for Indians, not for the English… because they take their bath, and then immediately are going out to work. So take your bath at 4 o’clock in the morning, stay in the house and get used to the climate, and then go out… or take your bath in the night (.0011)

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0.0011 Weekend seminar in Pune, Tape 1 good 180

– end – 10 Apr 2003