Kalki is an abbreviation of Nishkalanka, and has the same meaning as Mother’s name, Nirmala, and means ‘spotlessly clean’ – without any spots on it. This Incarnation has been described in the Puranas, as coming on this Earth on a ‘white horse’ in a place called Shambhalkul. Bhala means ‘forehead’, and ‘shambhala’ means ‘at that stage’, so it means that Kalki is situated on your Bhala, your forehead. Here he is going to be born. This is the real meaning of Shambhalkul; In between Jesus Christ, and his destroying incarnation of Mahavishnu, called as Kalki, there is a time given to human beings to rectify themselves, for them to enter into the Kingdom of God, and which is called in the Bible the ‘Last Judgement’. All those who have an aspiration to enter into the Kingdom of God are born in these modern times. This is the most important time, because Sahaja Yoga is the ‘Last Judgement’. It is fantastic to hear this, but it is a fact and it is the truth (1979-0928)

Between getting our Realisation and getting into the Kingdom of God, we can falter very much. Sahaja Yoga gives all the freedom whether to fall or to come up. If you try to impress on others, after coming to Sahaja Yoga, that you are very great, or that you have achieved this, you have achieved that, then all this nonsense is a very great offence, and you are punished for that. This is the power of Kalki, which is working secretly behind Sahaja Yoga… Kalki is devoid of any compassion (1979-0928)

There are 11 Rudras, 11 destructive, destroying powers absolutely settled in him, which are guarding the beauty of Sahaja Yoga. Anybody who tries to play around with Sahaja Yoga is harmed very badly. Don’t try to trouble anybody who is a Saintly person, a good person, nor to play tricks with the Divine. Because Kalki is already on! Be careful about it because once this power comes on you, you will not know how to hide yourself. Not only to Sahaja Yogis, but this I am telling to the whole world today – be careful! Don’t take it easy, and do not compromise with nonsensical people – stick onto the ‘Right’. The day is very near when Kalki is going to come. Be careful. Do not try to harm others, or take advantage of others, and do not show off your own powers, because once this destruction will start in your life, you won’t know how to stop it (1979-0928)

This is the time of cleansing – that is why I am here, as Nirmala, to cleanse you; Whatever is wrong is wrong – whether today, tomorrow, yesterday or a thousand years back. Whatever is wrong for your dharma, for your sustainance, is wrong. ‘What’s wrong with this… with that…’ – this question will be answered by Kalki only! Then you will have no time to repent, or to ask the question, ‘what’s wrong’… you will be chopped off – that is what Kalki Incarnation is (1979-0928)

He is going to come on a white horse as they say. It is a tremendous thing that is going to work out. Every human being is going to be sorted out. Nobody can then claim – everything is being advertised, is being published (1979-0928)

There are so many who have come to misguide you. They are taking money for misguiding you, for giving you sins – they are nicely booking you up for a trip to hell. They themselves are nicely booked there, and when I say about them, people feel very hurt, that why should Mataji talk against these gurus – they are not gurus, they are Rakshasas. The Rakshasas which the Devi killed thousands of years back, are back in the seat again, but the problem is very different at the present moment. Try to understand. The problem of this Kali Yuga is that there is no hard and fast rule, as to say who is a purely negative and who is a purely positive person (1979-0928)

So many Rakshasas have entered into your brain – you side with so many people who are wrong, who are doing wrong things, in the name of politics, religion, in the name of progress or education etc. Once you have sided with them, they are in your brain, they are within you, and when they are within you, how to destroy them? You may be a good person, but you may be destroyed, because of having them within your heads (1979-0928)

So it is essential to take to Sahaja Yoga, in the most dedicated manner. And this is the only thing that we can give to our friends and relatives, and to all the world around. I am here to help you, to work for you day and night, and I’ll spare no effort to help you… and do everything that is possible to make you alright, to pass this examination of Last Judgement. But you have to co-operate with me, and have to go headlong about it, and devote most of your time for Sahaja Yoga, and for imbibing all that is great and noble (1979-0928)

Kalki stays on our forehead, and when the chakra of Kalki is caught up, the whole of Moordha, on top goes out of order, the whole head becomes a blocket. Such people do not allow Kundalini to rise above Hamsa. If you put your forehead before wrong gurus, or also, if there is too much thinking, both can create a problem. The whole forehead, if it is covered by bumps, then you must know that the Kalki chakra is out of order, and if the Kalki chakra is out of order, then all the fingers start burning, on the hands and on the palms, and sometimes even in the body, you get terrible burning. A person’s Kalki chakra catching means he might be down with a horrible disease like cancer or leprosy etc. or he may be about to collapse into some sort of a calamity (1979-0928)

To keep your Kalki alright, you must have that ‘Awe’ for God – that He is a wrathful God, that if we do wrong… He is there with His wrath… that He is ‘All Pervading’… He is ‘All Powerful’; He has powers to raise us to this stage of higher being… He is the most compassionate Father that we can think of… but in the same way, He has a wrath, and that wrath when it falls on you… be very very careful (1979-0928)

As a Mother, I have to warn you to be careful about the wrath of your Father, because if He comes upon you with that wrath, nobody can stop it, nobody can stop it… and the compassion of the Mother also will not be listened to. Please do not do anything that is wrong; But, if you do anything ‘for’ Him, or for your own ‘being’ in your Self Realisation you will be placed in the highest position. The most important thing… where are you, as far as God is concerned (1979-0928)

The Maitreya, the coming Christ who will come on a white horse (1982-0711); The coming Incarnation is Shri Kalki, who is blemishless, cannot be blemished – anyone who tries to, will be destroyed. He will come to do the last sorting out. There will be no-one to talk to you, or to listen to you, nothing of the sort. He is coming for the harvest, the last cutting. The time remaining is very short, so better get yourself in the proper shape – and then let him come. He is coming with 11 powers known as Ekadesha Rudra, all placed in the head of the Primordial Being, and he will be manifesting all these in such a tremendous manner, that you would not know how people will be destroyed, and the destruction will be of the worst type you have ever seen. So that’s why you try to mature, become the fruits, and be in the Kingdom of God… alright (1979-0530)

This destruction has already started, and is going with full speed I think all over… through the so many things that are happening. We have got hurricanes… storms… earthquakes… many accidents… and so many destructive things are working out… which are the outcome of Kalki incarnation. But at the same time, there is another work going on, of the same incarnation… is the resurrection of the people… such people can never be hurt… nothing can happen to them… they will always be saved… because they are under the protection of their Mother (2000-0206)

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– end – 12 May 2003