Karma is on the superego side, where we start thinking, or worrying ‘have we made bad or good karmas?’ etc. (1983-0129); But it is the ego that does the karmas, by for example accumulating filth… it is only our egos that do the karmas (1979-0616; 1979-0608.2); Ego is the result of your karmas… and superego is the result of your conditionings, or your Bhakti… unless and until you have Bhakti, you won’t take any conditioning upon yourself (0.0012); The Karmas are nothing but what we do, and what we think we have done… so when we feel bad about the things we have done, then they go into the left side… and when we feel happy about them, they go into the right side… all these are your Karmas, whether right or wrong. So what happens is… when your Kundalini reaches this point of Christ… then he sucks in these two pouches… these two balloons come down… your ego is sucked in… your superego is sucked in… so, there is no question of Karmas (1983-1001)

Akarma… is when we do something, but don’t feel that we are doing it – are not conscious of it. All living work is Akarma, like the Mother Earth sprouting a seed, or like when we are giving Realisation, or raising the Kundalini – we don’t think whether we are doing it correctly, we just go ahead and do it. The same applies when we become good speakers – we think that Mother is doing it (1987-1016)

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– end – 17 Jun 2003