The name in the Koran, for the ‘Resurrection Time’, also known as the ‘Last Judgement’ in the Bible (MME; 2000-0902); The Judgement Time (1987-1023), described by Mohammed, who said ‘at the time of Kiyama [pron: Keeyama] the Last Judgement… your hands will speak’, ‘your hands will give witness against you’, meaning that on your finger tips, you will feel your own defects… on the 5 fingers, plus 2 others on (the palms – Ed) of the hand, are the 7 centres (1987-1023; 1982-1008; 1998-0705)

At the time of your Kiyama… your hands will speak… at the time of Kiyama… not the Kayama… these 2 words are confused in the minds of people… many people do not understand the difference. One is when the Resurrection Time comes in… Kiyama… and the other is when your destruction comes in… Kayama (2000-0423)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1987-1023 Press Interview, Piacenza, Milan – see 1987-1024 good 25

1982-1008 We don’t have to suffer, Bedford – see 1982-1007(Video) Good 1987-1023.1 Press Conference, Xavier’s Flat

1987-1023.2 Press Conference, Rotary Club, Piacenza – see also 1987-1024 1998-0705 Royal Albert Hall 1998 good 50

2000-0423 Easter Puja, Istanbul, Turkey good 60 2000-0902 Press Conference, Genova poor

MME = Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

– end – 7 Jun 2003