Shri Krishna

The complete incarnation of the Primordial Being, the Virata, who has the Samhara Shakti (Power to kill)… and whose weapon is the discus (1981-1005); Who is the Father (1981-1006); The Incarnation of Divine Diplomacy (1981-1005)… Shri Vishnu (1990-0818); Who is the Brain of the Virata; Who is Shri Kubera, the God of Wealth (1996-0929); Who is Yogeshwara… absolutely detached (1991-0002); Who is a Brahmachari (1983-0725); Who is the incarnation of Narayana, Shri Vishnu, the Preserver and also known as Leeladhara (1989-0814.1); The Virata, Akbar (1983-0129); The Avatara for the Hindus (1983-0131); The Giver of Yoga. The Ishwara of Yoga… Yogeshwara (1983-0202); Who incarnated 10 times, including as a fish, as Rama, as Purashurama and ultimately manifests as the Virata, the brain of God Almighty (1989-0611; 1979-0616); Who gives you the feeling of ‘the whole’… you start feeling that you are part of the whole… because he is the whole… he is the Primordial Virata (1979-0609.3)

Who came about 6000 years back (1981-0330; 1981-0511), more than 2000 years after Shri Ram, and who talked of freedom and the enjoyment of life (1997-0600); Who was a Kshatriya, as was Shri Rama (1979-0200.1); Who was born at midnight (1982-1101); Who had 16000 Powers, and whose 5 wives were His Queens, the 5 Elements (1983-0725; 1991-0002); Whose essence is sweetness, Madhuria, and whose consort Shri Radha is Ahladadayini, the giver of Joy (1990-0811.1); and whose qualities include Collectivity, and Responsibility (1996-0929), and who is absolutely detached (1991-0002), the witness (1981-0328), and is the expert of drama… he creates it, acts in it, and is also the spectator (1991-0001); Who controls the vocal cords (1989-0814.1), the teeth, and gums (1982-0125), and who is very fond of butter (1981-0330); Who is black (1986-0823)

Who told only Arjuna of his Divinity, just before he was to start the war (1979-1202.1); Who said ‘Unless and until you love each other, I do not exist within you’ – all the countries of the world have to love each other (1986-1227); Who said ‘the one who can

‘see’, can only see… what’s the use of talking to the blind’ (1980-0809); Who introduced the ideas of the Rakhi, of Holi and of Leela (Divine Play), and who killed many Rakshasas, including Khamsa (1995-0820), and Putana (1979-0928); Those who worship Shri Krishna become brainy people, but without ego – egoless intelligence, or pure intelligence (1989-0814.1)

Shri Krishna was born in a jail, where his mother had been sent by her brother Khamsa, a Rakshasa, because it was foretold that the killer of the Khamsa, would be born to his own sister, and would be her 8th child. So each child born to her was killed. When Shri Krishna was born, his father took him from the jail, and carried him in a basket across the River Yamuna, to Gokul, and left him there with Yeshoda. Then Yeshoda’s child, a girl, was taken back to the jail and put in the place of Shri Krishna. So Khamsa found the child and tried to kill her. As she was hurled by Khamsa, she rose up and announced that ‘the killer of Khamsa is alive…’ (1981-0330); The lightning, (a part of the power of Shri Krishna), was taken out by him, and became Krishna’s sister, Vishnumaya the child who Khamsa tried to kill (1985-0901)

Whose power was Radha, meaning the one that sustains the energy. In India, when taking the name of Krishna. one says Radha first, taking the energy before the Deity (1981-1006); Krishna means the one who has sown the seed (1981-1006); Who when he was a child of 4 years, played mischief, had fun with the Gopis, but who when he was the King in Dwarika, heard the call of his sister Draupadi who was troubled by Duryodhana when he was trying to take her sari, and he came on Garuda, the Condor with his four weapons to save the chastity of his sister (1981-1006); Whose weapons were Shanka, Chakra, Gada and Padmi (1981-1006)

Shri Krishna resides in our Vishuddhi chakra… in the centre he resides as Shri Krishna… and on the left hand side his power, Vishnumaya, his sister resides… there he resides as Gopala, as the one who lived in Gokul and played as a child. On the right hand side he resides as the king who ruled in Dwarika… the king, Shri Krishna. These are the three sides of our Vishuddhi (1986-0823)

Now the greatest freewill comes from Vishuddhi chakra… and that’s why they call him Yogeshwara – he is the Ishwara of yoga. The establishment of yoga is possible… when you completely surrender yourself to Shri Krishna… means what… means all your balances will be established… you go into complete balance… and that balance is complete because Vishnu who is the Incarnation for sustaining the dharma… who is responsible for giving you the balance… becomes complete in the form of Shri Krishna. That’s why he said ‘you leave all the dharmas… surrender all of them to me’… so all the dharmas, if you put at the Lotus Feet of Shri Krishna, means if you follow his ideas, then all your dharmas are balanced. There are so many dharmas… pati dharma… patni dharma… rashtra dharma… but he says forget all the dharmas… surrender them to me… that is at Vishuddhi. It means that it all gets sublimated… it all gets complete… because he is the Collective Being… he is the Virat… because he is the integrated form of all the dharmas… and he is the Virat in our brain… he represents our brain. When this Virat in us is awakened fully… we automatically become dharma ourselves (1986-0823)

So now you have become dharmatit… means you have entered into the Kingdom of God… into the Virata’s conditions… and there your condition is such, your state is such that you are dharma… if you try to do adharma, you suffer… if you try to do wrong you suffer… I don’t have to tell you to be righteous… there’s no need… I don’t have to tell you to tell the truth… or don’t steal… I don’t have to tell you all these things. You will follow Christ… or Krishna… automatically… sahaj. You become the dharma of Virat… now what is the dharma of the Virat… of Shri Krishna… is collectivity (1986-0823)

Krishna is the brain… Shiva is the heart… and Brahmadeva is the liver. Now what is the faculty of this brain… is… that the tree of life, of evolution, grows downwards as they say… and this tree is growing downwards, of awareness, from the brain… but if you have to go to the roots, you have to ascend… and that ascent you have achieved… now you have gone to the roots of your brain… where all your roots… all your nerves are enlightened… where your brain is enlightened… you are an enlightened person (1986-0823)

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– end – 22 Mar 2003