Krita Yuga


Krita Yuga

The Yuga where work will be done – the present day (1982-0402), when you have to pay for what you have done wrong (1992-0725); The Age of Transformation and Actualisation of Spiritual Experience, that follows Kali Yuga and leads to Satya Yuga, the Golden Age… each Yuga or Age… thousands of years in length… in the cycle of Yugas or Ages; When all falsehood, dishonesty, corruption, false teachers, will be exposed, and when wrong doing has to be paid for, but also when there is the possibility for transformation and fulfilment for those who follow the path of Spirituality (MME), when everything is perfected (1984-0718); The new age of active Divinity (1982-0130), the time when the Divine will start acting (0.0006); The time when I came… was Kali Yuga… but now today the time is of Krita Yuga… the Yuga where work will be done… this is the time where work will be done (1982-0402)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

0.0006 Brighton after Public meeting poor

1982-0130 Predictions on Sahaja Yoga, Durga Puja, Sholapur good 25 1982-0402 Shri Rama’s birthday – Chelsham Road good 70

1984-0718 Chiswick Town Hall [+33mins Q&A + incomp. Experience] good 55

– end – 28 May 2003