Kundalini Awakening


Kundalini Awakening

Is an evolutionary step (1984-0708), and is the only way to get Self Realisation, because that is how we are made – there is no other way out (1983-0302); Also the Kundalini has one very special power… of knowing the Mother, Shri Adi Shakti… even the Photo (1987-0816.2); When She rises, She enters the Limbic area, after penetrating the 6 chakras, and there enlightens the 7 Peetas or seats of the 7 chakras (1983-0204)

The invitation to the Kundalini enters via the fingers, and goes down the two side channels, the two nadis, and informs the Deity on the Mooladhara Chakra, Shri Ganesha, who awakens and informs the Kundalini, which is sitting in the triangular bone in 3½ coils (1979-1203); The awakening of the Kundalini is not felt… just the calm… it will just shoot off, giving you thoughtless awareness (1979-0507); The Kundalini shoots off, but also spreads in the head, trickles down, and relaxes the sympathetics, enlightens and enlarges the centres, enlarges the parasympathetic, and makes the Kundalini rise even more – all by reflex action of the Kundalini itself (1987-0816.2)

When the Kundalini crosses the door of Agnya chakra… then you get into the state of thoughtless awareness… but at this state, to leave the Kundalini is not a good thing… because the Kundalini can start moving to this side or to that side… can go to the Supraconscious… or to the Subconscious… where they can get into the Siddhis… so at that state, I would not like to leave your Kundalini… I am very anxious always that it should come out of the Brahmarandhra… at that state, you start getting the Vibrations (1977-0215)

It is very simple to understand… like when the Sun rises, the Sun’s rays fall onto the fruit and the fruit has got built-in mechanism within it, or the seed has got built-in mechanism within it… which just starts. In the same way you have got builtin mechanism within you… and maybe I am authorised for that… it works out in my Presence (1979-0720)

I have something to do with your Kundalini… very much… and she knows me very well… so much so, as soon as she sees me, she is up there… so happy. And the first impact is so great… you feel it… she rises with such a thumping joy… but again you go back to your crutches… because you are identified with them (1979-1111)

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