The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity (MME), and also of Health (1996-0716); The Deity of well-being, who is Motherly (1980-1027) – she is a Mother (1986-0921.1); By which we have balance, are satisfied. She gives fragrance and comfort and love, and is soft and receptive to all. She provides a nest in which the children can grow with dignity (1981-0328); Does not get disturbed or upset, and watches the enjoyment of those who come to the warmth of her household (1986-0921.1); She gives protection and support to others, who are dependent on her – known as Ashreya (1986-0921.1)

Lakshmi has to be gracious (1983-0131), with a gravity, a weight, a dignity; Lakshmi gives rise to the Mahalakshmi principle, once we have established ourselves according to the image of Lakshmi (1986-0921.1); To live according to Lakshmi, we have to give, to be generous, then to be supportive, helpful to others, then thirdly to be respectful of others, and to be respectful of others’ property, but especially to be respectful of anything, however small, that has vibrations (1986-0921.1); Lakshmi will disappear with certain things: alcohol, baddha or ‘possession’ (1986-0921.1; 1987-1024); The Lakshmi principle gives us a great sense of satisfaction… if you don’t have satisfaction, then any amount of Lakshmi cannot help you… you become greedy… you want, more and more (1996-0716)

The Lakshmi principle resides in the Nabhi chakra. Lakshmi stands on the lotus (1991-0003), meaning that she does not show her ‘weight’. She has pink lotuses in her hands (1986-0921.1), symbolising that she is so kind and benevolent, not pressurising anyone, generous, giving comfort and love. With left hand she gives, and with the right hand she protects. Lakshmi is born out of the guru principle (1991-0003)… she was born out of the sea (1987-1024)

Lakshmi has two beautiful pink coloured lotuses in her hands… which symbolises that a person who has money, should have a very comfortable house which is very inviting – pink colour is for love and invitation. The beetle… with all kinds of thorns on it’s body… comes to the lotus… to collect some honey… but the lotus accepts… it invites. The lotus is very happy to have this beetle… and the beetle sleeps inside the lotus… so the lotus gives the bed for it to sleep… and all the fragrance of the lotus for that beetle. Then in the morning, the beetle gets his honey… and then flies away (1996-0716)

A person who has Lakshmi, should dress up in a decent manner… women, and men. The wealth that you have, should be seen in your temperament… in your nature… in your behaviour… in your living. Moreover, the person who has Lakshmi, has to be a very humble person. The temperament should not be of a very serious type… but should be very mirthful… and one doesn’t show off… by a big car… and this and that; That doesn’t mean that you should become Sanyasis… on the contrary, you should be very well dignified personalities… but there should be detachment (1996-0716)

There are nine Lakshmis… one of them is Gruhalakshmi, is the housewife… another is a Rajalakshmi, which is the power of a king, or a person who is an administrator, or a beaurocrat (1996-0716); If there is any problem… anything… suddenly you must become peaceful within… then immediately you will find, the solution will come to you… this is a ‘subtle’ of the Lakshmi Principle (1996-0716)

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MME = Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

– end – 30 Sep 2002