Steady your eyes… put your eyes on the Mother Earth… and put rose water and netranjan and all that in the eyes… and also use the light… all the time… those who are left sided should use as much as possible, the lamp, lights and things like that… I hope you all have got these things in the house… good ghee lamps should be burnt for people who have left side problems… and see me through these lights… not through the electrical lights… and I don’t think wax is so good… but you can get ghee very easily in England… use that ghee, and put your eye onto the photograph through that light… I’m sure it will work out. Even the Kundalini should be raised with that light… try to use the light or the lamp of the ghee (1984-0214)

In the festival of Diwali, meaning ‘rows of lights’, the lamp has special significance. The pot or container represents that which is visible; the Oil represents Compassion; the Wick the Kundalini, and the Flame represents the Spirit (1994-1105.1); In the lamp, the Ghee represents the mild and soft Love of the heart, and it burns to give soothing light of love to others (1987-1024)

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– end – 5 Mar 2003