Lead Oxide


Lead Oxide

Shri Ganesha is covered with Lead Oxide… with a red Lead Oxide… which is extremely cold. Lead Oxide is a very cool thing… that Lead Oxide is used to cover all his body… to balance the heat that he has… or the effects of heat he has… so we call it in Sanskrit language is called as Sindur… and in Marathi as Shindura… so he’s always covered with that colour, Sindur colour. Lead Oxide though people say causes cancer… but it is the Lead Oxide which is very cold… it can cool you down so much that you can go to the left side… and cancer is a psychosomatic disease… and that might be the reason it might cause, in a very far fetched way we can say it can cause cancer… because if it is too cold and all that, then you go to the left side… and there you can catch the viruses by which you can get into troubles… so the same Lead Oxide is alright for people who are very right sided… for them if it is put on their Agnya it cools them down… they are cooled down… their anger goes down… their temper goes down… and it’s a very good thing (1990-0831)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1990-0831 Hanumana Puja, Germany good 45

– end – 27 Oct 2003