Leaders Wife


Leader’s Wife

The part that the wife has to play as a leader’s wife, she has to understand… that she’s just a mother… and she has no authority as the leaders wife (1988-1221)

There are some… who may be leaders’ wives… they may become extremely dominating. This kind of thing is a sinful thing to do… because you are the wife of the leader… you have to behave… you cannot try to hurt people… and trouble them… because you are the wife of the leader. The wife of the leader… has to behave like a mother… she has to treat all the disciples like a mother… and if supposing the leader is angry or upset with someone… she should try to sooth him down… she should try to talk to the other person, and tell him… ‘see… this you should not do’… this is her job… not to dominate others. So if anyone… has problems… and he cannot talk to the leader… then he’ll go to the lady, and tell her… and then she can really bring it down (1995-0625)

I have to say one thing today… that we have to decide that if the leaders don’t have wives who are humble… who are kind… who are compassionate and who are Gruhalakshmis… who are very sweet with the collective… we’ll have to cancel the husband as well as the wife from the leadership. We cannot have leaders who have wives who are horrid… we cannot… because the wife of a leader is like a mother. If the leader has a wife of that kind, it is better he should withdraw… improve his wife… do whatever is possible – til she is alright he should not be the leader… is a very important thing… because I have seen such women bring down the men, Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja Yogis and the whole… organisation of God. So one has to be careful… and the women have to understand that if they are the wives of the leaders, they have to be extremely good, kind, generous, sharing, looking after, absolutely motherly… and should not tolerate nonsense… and should correct when people are doing wrong. They should not report anyone to their husbands, should not take over themselves the responsibility of doing things which they are not supposed to do (1987-1004)

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