I speak through the leaders… so you don’t question it. If you question it… then there will be a problem… you have to stick onto your leaders. If you start questioning them, then you will be nowhere… no link between you and me. Don’t fight with your leaders… don’t argue with them. Stick on and support your leaders, without questioning. Arguing with your leaders… giving them advices… please don’t do it… stop it now – mostly the bhootish people go on advising… and having their own say… and they go against the leaders throughout. Now especially the elderly people… you are more grown up sometimes than the leaders are… then you think you have a right to correct the leaders… it is not so. In Sahaja Yoga, it’s not how much you are old… but it is how much you are evolved (1986-0504)

I am connected with them… and through them you are connected… but when you deny them, then you fall. I know what to do with the leaders… I choose them… I arrange them… I organise them… I change them… I know what to do. Now you people, do not challenge… it’s nothing but your ego… once Mother has appointed somebody, that’s it. So keep in his good books… try to support him… ask him what does he want… what help he needs – the more you get attached to him… get closer to him… the more ‘you’ will get (1986-0504)

Leadership is a myth… a joke in Sahaja Yoga terms (1997-0600); Will be more effective if it is gentle, if correcting is done not with anger, but with love. Also it is better to set one’s own patterns, rather than to simply do as others do. Give problems to others to solve, rather than to solve them oneself. Dignity, balance, poise, truthfulness, all impress others (1986-0305); One should not in any way think that they (the leaders – Ed) stand in between you and your Mother… not at all. You all can directly write to me… you can all send me flowers directly (1988-1221)

In Sahaja Yoga, we respect the leaders – though they may not be perfect. Leaders must know how to correct others, because sometimes we need correction, and we accept that, because we want our ascent. Leaders should be kind, compassionate and good, but not to compromise with nonsense and laziness (1987-1016); The leader has to be very fatherly, and has to be very righteous, and should not play into the hands of his wife… that’s one thing for sure (1988-1221); You must know that you should never challenge anybody who’s organising… never (1983-0104)

I would request all the leaders of all the nations, that they should never side with or support or try to cover up any one of their protégées we can say… because by that you are destroying them… you are not helping them at all. There should not be any sympathy whatsoever for people who are negative. You have to get after them, get them corrected, tell them off. But what I have seen sometimes there is a tendency to support a person who is negative… and then that person goes on drifting and ultimately falls into a trap. See that all these people get corrected, otherwise your leadership has no meaning. Many leaders are kind, good and sweet, but that’s not sufficient. Sometimes you have to take things into your hands… you have to be responsible; Leaders have to see how people are behaving, how they are talking to each other… this is one of the most important things a leader has to do (1987-1230.1)

Your leader is alright til it comes to the Mother’s point… but when it comes to the Mother’s point… then you have to protest, against that leader (1985-0629)

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– end – 18 Jun 2003