Leaving Sahaja Yoga


Leaving Sahaja Yoga

Those who are absolute useless, will be thrown away gradually… that’s what Mother does… they can be thrown away… so much far away, that they’ll never return. But you don’t have to worry about such people… they will be thrown away. They will be given some chances… some credits will be given… some graces… but ultimately, they will be thrown away (1983-0821); You know I have thrown many socalled important people out of Sahaja Yoga, because they did like this… to dominate others… by saying ‘this is not good’… ‘you should not put your hand there’… or ‘your feet there’… or ‘do this and that’ (1981-0524)

You see Sahaja Yoga doesn’t accept – it rejects, more than it accepts… it is a judgement going on… you have to work it out. A very good example of this… is… the way they make butter out of… we call it ‘curd’. So, they churn it… when they churn it… what happens… some butter comes out… and the rest remains as buttermilk. To separate it, they put a big lump of butter in that curd, and then they churn it… now all the butter gets around that big lump, and it gathers into a bigger lump you see. But, there are some particles of butter… which are left behind – if they do not stick to this big lump of butter, they are thrown away with the buttermilk. So those who do not come up to Sahaja Yoga, who are not up to the mark, will be all thrown out… no doubt… that is a fact… you have to come up to the mark. And you should not worry about those… you should have no attachment for such people (1981-0524)

A person who is not innocent, cannot worship Shri Ganesha… those who are not innocent… who play ‘games’… who try tricks… gossip… indulge in filth… Shri Ganesha cuts them out. He sees for a while, and if people remain still half baked, they are thrown out of Sahaja Yoga; Innocence gives you complete sincerity, and Ganesha is the judge… and he is the one who throws you out on the periphery… like a tangent you get out of Sahaja Yoga… and then you go down and down and down… and you may develop horrible diseases of the Mooladhara chakra (1984-0902); Innocence is a very sharp thing… it does not have any compromise (1984-0902)

The Kundalini will do what is needed to correct you… up to a point she will do… and afterwards when she finds it is not possible to correct you… then I don’t know what will happen – if you try to behave like a very ordinary useless person… then you cannot stay in Sahaja Yoga… you will be thrown out (2001-0321)

If you are still running after nonsensical things… if you are still full of lust and greed, then better you leave Sahaja Yoga… and find some other area where you can do that. It is something surprising how people do not understand their position in Sahaja Yoga. I have seen people who are say abroad… and they have funny ideas… and they will come and tell… ‘Mother, I have a wife, but I am in love with another woman… so what should I do’… I said… ‘you get out… that’s all… just get out’… or the wife might say… ‘Mother, I am having relations with another man… and what should I do’… I said… ‘you get out… that’s all… you get out of Sahaja Yoga… you are no good for Sahaja Yoga… and Sahaja Yoga is no good for you (2001-0321)

There are so many evil forces which are all the time trying to attack collectivity… first they will attack the leaders… then they have their sly methods… of going around and talking something here and there… in the ears… to create some sort of a politics. All such people will be thrown out of Sahaja Yoga… as there is a centrifugal and a centripetal force… both acting equal and opposite. Anybody who goes against collectivity… who sticks to their bhoots… to their negativity… will have to get out of Sahaja Yoga (1986-0823)

I have known of people who were caught up with Left Vishuddhi and have become devilish by nature… devilish… they have gone out of Sahaja Yoga… they have criticised Sahaja Yoga… they have tried to trouble me a lot… so don’t think that if Vishuddhi is spoiled there’s nothing so special about it – it can be a very dangerous centre. Of course Heart, Agnya and Vishuddhi… these three centres one has to guard against… so at the Vishuddhi chakra one has to be extremely careful (1986-0823)

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