Left Side


Left Side

The left or moon channel (tha in Hatha yoga); Left sympathetic nervous system, having the power of desire, operating through our emotions. Beyond is the Subconscious, and then the Collective Subconscious (1981-1005); Is the side which is cool, and needs heat (1980-0517.2); The side of our emotions, the past, our conditionings, the superego. In Indian tradition, is the side of Tamoguna (1984-0313); Blue in colour becoming black; Becomes frozen (1980-0526); The side of our existence power, but which can also destroy (1978-1115); The side of darkness, and the past, the Tamoguna (1980-0517.2)

It is the side of our conditionings, attachments, and habits. These problems can be destroyed by Shri Bhairava, who controls this channel, and also can be cured by putting left hand to the Photo, and the right hand on Mother Earth (1989-0806); Fumes from the activity on the left side collect in the balloon of superego, which together with those from the right side collected in the ego, cause us to be cut off or separated, from the main (1979-0616)

Attachment to anti-God people can give serious problems, such as Leukaemia, nervous troubles, cancer, heart attacks etc. (1984-0313)

Those who have left hand problems… means who have left side problems… should raise their right… all of you (1980-0721); The right side subtle system raised and taken over to the left side, by movement of the right hand, to bring system into balance (1983-0121), and done if we are feeling sleepy, or lazy… then put Right to Left 7 times, with the Right hand, whilst watching Mother, or it can be done also with the Photo (1982-1101); Left sided… very left sided… put his Right to the Left… very Left sided gentleman… very emotional… put him Right to the Left… Right to the Left… now is he alright (1984-0622)

Tape References

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– end – 9 May 2003