Left Sided

Left sided

If there are no vibrations on the left side, or if the left side is heavy, or hot, then this means that you are left sided. Also, if there are more vibrations on the right side, and none on the left side, this also means that you are left sided. If the right side is numb, this also means left sided (1983-0202); If the left side is catching this means we are conditioned, and with a left side catch, we may suffer with pains etc. (1980-0517.1)

A left sided person (someone who is too much in the left side), cannot enjoy the fun of collectivity, and can be very negative, and depressive, finding problems everywhere, but it can be cured by putting left hand to the Photo, or to the Mother, and the right hand on Mother Earth (1989-0806); If we are feeling sleepy, or lazy, then put Right to Left 7 times, with the Right hand, whilst watching Mother, or it can be done also with the Photo (1982-1101); If the left side or back Agnya is strong, then we sleep, but if it is the front Agnya, then we don’t sleep. We should be in the centre, with Christ

alert every second (1982-1101); Those who have left hand problems… means who have left side problems… should raise their right… all of you (1980-0721); Left sided… very left sided… put his Right to the Left… very Left sided gentleman… very emotional… put him Right to the Left… Right to the Left… now is he alright (1984-0622)

To correct a left side catch, we can keep our eyes focused on the ground, or use the Mahakali or Ida Nadi Swamini mantras, or the Surya mantra (1980-0517.2); For left side problems, give bandhan or burn your name (1987-0408); If the left hand is shaking, put the right hand on your heart (whilst taking vibrations – Ed) (1983-0302); Left sided people should beware of grouping with others who are like minded (1989-0806), should not do exercises which are forward bending (1984-0313), and may be helped by eating more nitrogenous foods, i.e. proteins (1984-0313; 1983-0121); Left sided people should use the light or the fire to correct their left side (1983-0121); Those who are left sided… who have left side problems, should use as much as possible a good ghee lamp… and see me through the flame. A candle is nice to look at… but… I don’t think that wax is so good (1984-0214)

To get into the centre, to achieve balance, first we move out of the left side to the right side, and from there to the centre. If you are feeling lethargic, are unable to get up, or are feeling sleepy or not alert, plan what you will do and get into action. Even doing Puja is a good idea. Then when you are into action, in order to get into the centre, just watch everything, just witness… say to yourself that you are not doing it (1980-0517.2)

The left sided person, a Tamoguni, is afraid of darkness… everything he is afraid of… he becomes a very crooked person… he always tries to trouble people in a very crooked manner, not openly (1998-0712)… the sly types (1980-0526)… while the right sided man is openly a Hitler. Tamogunis get lots of psychosomatic diseases (1998-0712); The left hand side people are the people… who are docile, who bear up lots of things from others, cry and weep, and all the time are ‘on the losers end’. Such people have… lethargic organs… heart, liver, intestines… plus they may have some sort of baddha in them, in the sense that they are possessed by someone (1988-0921)

Imbalances of the Left Swadisthan can result in lethargic organs, resulting in: allergies of the skin (liver), nervous problems, cancer and leukaemia (1984-0313); A lethargic liver gives you allergies… all kinds of allergies come to people through their lethargic livers (1983-0209); Diseases that may result from lethargic organs, include: cirrhosis; rashes; allergies etc (1983-0131); Organs can be lethargic if we eat too much carbohydrate type of food – in which case, we should take more proteins. There is no harm in taking meat (1983-0131); Those who have lethargic temperament… have a left side imbalance, develop clots in their blood, and low blood pressure… and these clots can cause paralysis… on the left hand side (1983-0209; 1983-0129)

Left side diseases include: emotional problems and misery, fearfulness and nervousness, schizophrenia, colds, diarrhoea, lethargic hearts, swellings in the body, gout, troubles of the joints, lethargic livers resulting in allergies, blindness with the eyes open, cancer, muscular dystrophy, osteomyelitis, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, blood clots, paralysis caused by blood clots, low blood pressure (1983-0209); Sinus is a left side problem (1980-0517.2)

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– end – 9 May 2003