Lethargic Organs


Lethargic Organs

Imbalances of the Left Swadisthan can result in lethargic organs, resulting in: allergies of the skin (liver), nervous problems, cancer and leukaemia (1984-0313); A lethargic liver gives you allergies… all kinds of allergies come to people through their lethargic livers (1983-0209); Those who have lethargic temperament… have a left side imbalance, develop clots in their blood, and low blood pressure… and these clots can cause paralysis… on the left hand side (1983-0209; 1983-0129); The left hand side people are the people… who are docile, who bear up lots of things from others, cry and weep, and all the time are ‘on the losers end’. Such people have… lethargic organs… heart, liver, intestines… plus they may have some sort of baddha in them, in the sense that they are possessed by someone (1988-0921); Osteomyelitis… Poliomyelitis… come from the left side… lethargic diseases (1983-0209); Diseases that may result from lethargic organs, include: cirrhosis; rashes; allergies etc. (1983-0131)

Organs can be lethargic if we eat too much carbohydrate type of food – in which case, we should take more proteins. There is no harm in taking meat (1983-0131); Left sided people should take salt more, and with salt they can solve many problems, because salt gives them a personality a composure, by which they can express themselves, in a way that is dignified and not lethargic (1983-0121)

Sickness comes if there is something wrong in the ‘Principle’, that builds up the human being. Basically there are two principles which affect the body, and the third principle affects the evolution – the first principle of the left sided… if it is in danger then we develop lots of diseases due to lethargic organs… but the right sided people have a very overactive personality, and have overactive organs (1983-0209)

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Chakras affected: Left Side

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