The highest of elements is Light, and is governed by Lord Jesus Christ. Light has an effect… it shows the things that are correct… and makes us understand all the dimensions of worldly things… and ultimately when enlightened by the Spirit, then you start seeing other dimensions also, which sometimes make you laugh… or smile… or cry also (1986-1225); Is absolutely detached. Look after your light, otherwise it will extinguish. When it is established, others will see the light on your face. The light of love never burns, but dissolves all that is bad, turns away from what is wrong, has patience, and expels the darkness, within and without (1987-1024); The light of love is so soothing, so sweet, so beautiful, so enamouring, so abounding… of purity… of relationships, of understanding (1983-0113); If you are the light in the darkness, you have to be brilliant… and not dark… and you have to give light in the darkness… to the dark… and not take the dark upon yourself (1984-0902)

We should understand that how light pervades Sahaja Yoga so much… and you see the light everywhere… so the first element which is light you can say… and the subtlety of the light is radiance… for example a person who gets Realisation has a face which is very radiant… so radiance is the subtlety of light… and so this radiance starts showing on your face… starts expressing itself… and with that radiance, people get impressed. This radiance is to be understood… is the subtle of the light, of which we are made (1998-1216)

Whatever pleases your Spirit is used in the Puja… is to be given; By showing light to God… what we do is we worship light within us… the light element gets enlightened within us. The light element is here on the Agnya. When you do Aarti or when you put light before God… when you show light to God, the light element within you gets enlightened (1980-0927)

The light which you are carrying, is very different from this ordinary light, which doesn’t understand, doesn’t think. Now the light which you are carrying, is the light which understands, which thinks… and it gives you that much of light, whatever you can bear… it will be absolutely in relation to what you can understand (1993-0721)

Light is used to correct a left sided person – but for people who are right sided, the light is not going to help much… like if you put the light before the photo, for those who are ego oriented it is not going to work out (1983-0121); Right sided people should not use any light at all… they should not sit in the Sun… they should sit in the moonlight (1988-0921)

People… who have moved out to the Supraconscious areas… can see me as light… they see all the five elements… they see me as a waterfall… or as an iceberg – they start seeing the Tanmatra… or you can say the causal essence of the elements (1977-0215)

If they have a problem with the Agnya, they should use a candle at the back… if their eyesight is getting weak, or is shortsighted (1983-0209); Behind… he has to be given light… his back Agnya is not alright… tell them to… give light on his back Agnya (1995-0625); Even the Kundalini should be raised with the light… try to use the light or the lamp of the ghee (1984-0214)

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– end – 5 Mar 2003