Likes and Dislikes


Likes and Dislikes

These are all mental activities (1985-0528); These words have to go from Sahaja Yoga… ‘I like this’ and ‘I don’t like that’… so it is very important to drop these – who are you to like or not like (1997-1004)

Self Centeredness… comes to us, because we think ‘this is our right’… ‘everything belongs to us’. How much we trouble others, make their lives miserable… we go on demanding things… ‘I don’t like this’… ‘I don’t like’ – we should not say like this, because it hurts people, and it takes away the pride of a person (1998-0321)

If you see somebody who you don’t like, or who has been harsh to you, or cruel to you… you get annoyed… disturbed – at that time… say ‘I forgive’… you have to say ‘I forgive’ if there is disturbance. A Sahaja Yogi is to be known by his character… by his righteousness… by his behaviour… the behaviour of a Sahaja Yogi should be extremely peaceful… Sahaja Yogis who are just rushing up and down… upset… are not Sahaja Yogis (1985-0310)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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1985-0310.2 Shri Devi Puja, Sydney good 40

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1998-0321 75th Birthday Puja, Delhi good 55

– end – 17 Jun 2003