Limbic Area


Limbic Area

Limbic area… is that area which the Kundalini enters, when She passes through the Agnya Chakra… that area of the Kingdom of God within us (1982-0711), between the Agnya and the Fontanelle bone area (1991-0505)… and which is affected by strong things like ‘Crack’ which have within them sulphur dioxide, which does not go anywhere, but just rushes into the limbic area. This limbic area is a hollow space, having within it cells sensitive to joy and happiness. These cells now become numb, and so ordinary music cannot be heard – it becomes necessary to shout and scream. As soon as the Kundalini enters the limbic area, She soothes it down. We feel the Cool Breeze, when the Kundalini comes out of the top, at the Sahastrara (1989-0801)

Christ… who came 2000 years back, the greatest Incarnation, the Son of God, the Innocence, who came to this Earth to give the knowledge of the Eternal Life, so we might ascend… sits at the ‘Gate’ to the Limbic area (1979-0530); We have to ‘be’ like Christ, and rise higher and higher into that realm which Christ has created for us, the limbic area, which is the Kingdom of God (1982-1226)… which is placed within us… it is not without. It is the limbic area that surrounds your ego and superego (1981-1006)… is the Sahastrara… is the 1000 petalled lotus… that round place called as limbic area in the gross level (1981-0511)… and which actually represents the heart (1983-0121)

The Kundalini (1979-0720)… when She rises, enters the Limbic area, after penetrating the 6 chakras, and there enlightens the 7 Peetas or seats of the 7 chakras (1983-0204); The Peetas for each chakra are placed along the mid-line of the Limbic area, starting at the back of the head with the Mooladhara, then around it the Swadisthan, then proceeding along the mid-line next is the Nabhi, followed by Heart, Vishuddhi, and finally Agnya. All these 6 combine to make the 7th (1983-0204)

So in us is placed the germinating force… is all built in… it’s like a computer… absolutely a living computer. Within us is placed through our evolution, one by one, step by step – all these points… have been properly put down… in our backbone… in our brain… and in the limbic area… absolutely in a perfect manner… and only thing that one has to do… is surrender… is to accept it (1979-0608.1)

When the Kundalini enters the limbic area, the lotus opens, and looks like flames but with no heat, but extremely cooling and soothing (1996-0505); There are 1000 petals to this centre, the 1000 petal lotus, with silent flames of all colours looking like petals, peace giving and beautiful. We feel the Cool Breeze in the hands, when the Kundalini comes out of the Sahastrara, at the Fontanelle bone area, and joins with the All Pervading Power (1989-0801)

Thoughtless Awareness… is the first thing that is established, when the Kundalini rises, and we get our Self Realisation, when we stop in the ‘Present’ moment. The state that exists when the Kundalini passes the sixth chakra, the Agnya chakra (1989-0801)… and enters into the Limbic area (1977-0215); As soon as the Kundalini passes Agnya, there is no thought, we are in thoughtless awareness (1978-1218)

Eka Desha Rudra… is one of the greatest hurdles to the Kundalini entering the Sahastrara, and comes from Void, and covers the Medha, the plate of the brain, so the Kundalini cannot enter into the Limbic area (1983-0204)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003