Loss of Realisation


Loss of Realisation

Realisation can be lost… you see, it’s like this… when you become a human being, you are born as a human child, alright… but supposing the child is put in the company of foxes… then the child grows like a fox… then it does not have the human awareness, it has the foxes awareness. In the same way, you become Realised when you have jumped into another superhuman awareness… but if you do not allow it to grow properly – you see… it has to grow… otherwise it won’t be manifesting itself. And that’s how it can be lost… in the sense that you have to be born again… and again it can come up. It is lost in many intellectuals… it’s a big problem. Also Realisation can be lost… say… if say, after Realisation, you don’t feel like drinking much or something, and you try to force yourself… and try to become a bad person, again and again… then the Kundalini may not rise… and that’s how, though there will be an opening… but Kundalini won’t rise at all… it can happen… I have known many (1979-1202.3)

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– end – 17 Jun 2003