Is the sign of beauty, and upon which Shri Lakshmi stands (1991-0003); The lotus is regarded as a Holy flower in India, being pink in colour (the colour of love), and which is born out of mud, and kills bad smells with it’s fragrance. Inside it is soft, and is welcoming and receptive to all horrid angularities of any visiting beetles, that are then held comfortably. A person with Lakshmi tattwa, has such a temperament (1981-0328); Lotuses grow easily from seed, and can grow in quite cold weather. Should try… see if it can grow – it may grow (1981-1103)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1981-0328 Nabhi talk, Australia [some noises + 15 mins Q&A] good 55

1981-1103 You must grow fast in S Yoga, Brahman Ct [Fr. translation] good 75

– end – 30 Sep 2002