Lower Chakras


Lower Chakras

In our Sahaja Yoga, we consider three chakras as the lower chakras, or centres… the Nabhi… the Swadisthan… and the Mooladhara. First one is the Nabhi Chakra, where a person starts seeking… food, shelter, all life’s necessities… and either he can go upwards or downwards. The essence of this centre is Swaha, meaning the consumption. So all those people who started developing… started consuming. Then they went to the second chakra, the Swadisthan… where they started entering into space… that is Antariksha… and tried to find out what is on the Moon… what is on Jupiter. Now the third awareness has grown… into the Mooladhara… and so the attention went to this horrid thing called sex… and in the west, people have become nothing but sex points. I’ve seen it everywhere… that just filth exists (1986-0224)

With this downward movement… what do we expect people to be

– they have to be violent. If you make them worse than animals… what will happen… they have to be cruel, despotic… and after this… the next step is Hell… Nagasaki… or anything. So, how to go upward – all the great Saints, and Incarnations, and Prophets have said that ‘you have to be born again’ – and so with Sahaja Yoga… the Kundalini rises… and takes us to our Yoga. Yoga means that the Kundalini, the power that is within us, which is of Pure Desire… should rise… and should meet the Divine… the All Pervading Power… which is doing all the living work (1986-0224)

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