Lung Cancer


Lung Cancer

People have died… of their lung cancer, because they can’t get out of ‘their’ bad habit of taking… a Kaduk bath… means with very hot water… every morning. I call it bad habit for Indians, not for the English… because they take their bath, and then immediately are going out to work… this is an absolutely wrong idea. Normally a cold bath is best… but if not possible, then take a tepid water. This will solve one of the problems that you do not expose yourself to too much cold or heat – the temperature is kept the same as the room temperature. So take your bath at 4 o’clock in the morning, stay in the house and get used to the climate, and then go out… or take your bath in the night (.0011); In England, if you take a hot bath and go out immediately… you can get cancer of the lungs (1988-1221)… in the UK, bathing is better done at night before retiring, to avoid problems due to the cold climate (1982-0710)

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