One has to try to get very pure eyes… thou shalt not have adulterous eyes… this is what we have to follow… all of us… and our attention has to be alright… for that this Raksha Bandhan is a very good thing. This attention goes out with many other things also… like aggressiveness… can be possessiveness… but the main thing is this… that if you do not have lust in your eye, then 50% you are alright… and half 50% is greed… for which you have to work on the Nabhi chakra… and for which we will work it out on Diwali day (1986-0818)

Some people have a habit of keeping the eyes in an angle all the time… they never see you straight… they think sometimes it’s fashionable… and some of them have such eyes that they’ll go on looking and pouring their greedy eyes onto others, or their lusty eyes onto others… this is the worst thing you can do to your eyes… because such people easily can become blind. Such people may have trouble of the eyes… specially reddening of the eyes can come to such people very much (1986-0823)

So one has to be careful to keep the eyes very pure… the eyes of a Yogeshwara… who was Shri Krishna. He played with Radha – he married 5 women who were the 5 elements – 16000 women he married… they were his 16000 powers… but he was Yogeshwara… he had no lust in his eyes, in his mind about that at all… he was beyond that… he had no lust in his eyes about these women that he had. Of course I don’t expect you to be Shri Krishna… but you have your wife… those who do not have wives, must look forward to a wife… that we’ll get a wife and think of a wife who will be your own, so that your eyes will not fall onto every woman (1986-0823)

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