It’s a kind of a very sweet relationship… a sweet rapport between each other… thinking of what sweet things we can do for each other… the little little things you know. Even a small thing like… early in the morning you get up, you find another person is sleeping on one side, his blanket is on another side, his pillow on another… so you just put his head on the pillow and cover him with the blanket… that’s a mother’s job… not out of fear, but out of sheer love. Like, even if it’s cold, and buttons are open, you can button up a person… he’ll like it… little little things you know. Women have very little sweet things which they do, which make men very happy… but women have lost now that sense – not the fighting, but thinking of what sweet things we can do for each other. And also sometimes teasing, is alright… sometimes tickling, is alright… a kind of a sweet rapport between each other… even the feeling that we can do this, is a master’s job… it’s a master’s job. The one who is a ‘master’ can do it… those who are not, will not be able to… they will again come back to hurt… ultimately they will end up with hurting, or fighting, or coming to blows… but those who are masters will be so beautifully doing the whole job. It’s a kind of a very sweet relationship… it’s called Madhuria… without any lust, without any money business, anything… just a sweet relationship… and the joy would be bubbling… and all these perversions, all these things will drop out (1983-0821)

Sweetness, a quality of Shri Krishna, in the way he spoke to and communicated with people (1991-0001; 1990-0811.1); One has to imbibe within oneself the sweetness… if you are sweet, you are filled with humour, you do not hurt others, and you are not hurt either. Anything can be done with sweetness (1988-0103)

Olive oil can be used for a massage on the Vishuddhi, as well as the head and backbone. When you touch somebody with oil, you see, the Krishna tattwa acts… because Krishna is the one who represents the Madhuria, the sweetness of your character. In little little things are expressed Madhuria… like in poetry or in relating some events – Krishna’s Leelas were all full of Madhuria… it’s like a sport… it’s like a sport (1985-0502)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1988-0103 Patience and sweetness – G’pule – see 1987-1213 good 15 1985-0502 Niraananda, Vienna Ashram good 60

1990-0811.1 Shri Saraswati Puja, Vancouver, Canada [3 min music Intro] good 40

– end – 25 Mar 2003