Is the reflection in totality of the Adi Shakti and in the potential stage, is Mahakali, but then, when She desires to act, She then divides to produce two other Powers, those of Mahasaraswati, and Mahalakshmi; Is the Desire Power of God Almighty (1989-0619); Is the Comforting Aspect (1989-0524); Eim… is the name… the short form of Mahakali (1979-0609.3); The 1st Goddess, from whom emanate Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi, and who establishes Shri Ganesha. Who creates within us desires (hunger, need to be loved, need to acquire), who tests us through creating illusions, who punishes, relaxes us, gives us sleep, shows solutions in dreams, protects us and gives sense of decency, chastity, shame (1993-0000)

Full of joy, yet also the slayer of evil. She selects your partner, gives you that feeling for your spouse. Her greatest disciple is Bhairava. She is the Lord of all the bhoots (1990-0912); She destroys all that is obstructing us, gives us comfort of the Spirit so that we can live anywhere, comforts our bodies so that diseases are destroyed, and we feel younger and more energetic, and also gives us the highest boon, that of Joy – Joy of every kind (1989-0619)

If we have a strong Mooladhara, then the Mahakali power is the strongest within us. All her powers are actually expressed in Omkara, which is Shri Ganesha, and this Shri Ganesha power within us represents the complete love of Mahakali, and all the powers of destroying the evil forces (1989-0617.1); Mahakali power gives you memory… the power of memory (1989-0617.1)

Some people achieve maturity much faster than others… despite the fact that they may have been ruined by many… but still they do it. What makes it very quick is the left side, what we call Mahakali’s power… or we can call it as Iccha Shakti… the power of Desiring. If the power of Desiring is very strong, and comes from your heart… absolutely from your heart… then it works much faster. Once you put your heart to it, everything will work out well… because the whole force is coming from your heart… because in the heart resides the Spirit. So the only judging point is… ‘am I doing it from my heart… or… am I doing it superficially’ (1979-1009.1)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003